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The Swag Room

THE ONLY THING BETTER THAN REWARDING YOURSELF WITH AN AL CAPONE IS BEING REWARDED BY AL CAPONE. You know when it’s time to kick back, chill and take it all in. We appreciate that, and we appreciate that you spend those moments with Al Capone. That’s why we want to reward your loyalty. We want to hook you up with one-of-a-kind items from Al Capone that remind you to take the time to enjoy the finer things in life. Create a Swag Room account or sign into an existing account.

Participation is simple. Collect “Hook Up” inserts found in select 10-packs of Al Capone Cigarillos. Find where to buy Al Capone Cigars & Cigarillos here. Each insert has a unique code that you can enter online and bank in your Swag Room account. When you’ve collected enough inserts for the swag item you want, add it to your cart and click submit.

Preview popular items below like lighters and ashtrays to make your smoking moment even sweeter as well as speakers and headphones to listen to your sweet tunes. Click the image to view available items.

swag items lighters, ashtray, headphones